Welcome to my Westfield Megabusa Build Diary site

Welcome to my Westfield Megabusa kit car Build Diary site. I have decided to put this site together for a couple of reasons. The first being, I wanted to document the building process so that it might be useful to others who are interested in building a Westfield Megabusa Kit, or a similar bike engined kit car. The second reason being that it will be nice to look at how far we have come with kit car build of the Megabusa Build project over the months, and to have something to look back on years later.

This site is broken down into two viewing methods, by month and by category. So for example, if you wanted to look at everything we did in the month of February 2008 you can easily do so. You can also look at everything by build category, so for example to see everything we have covered relating to the purchasing, click the Purchase link.

I hope you find this site useful, interesting, easy to navigate, or all of the above :) If it helps you in any way with building your own Megabusa kit (or another kit car build), I'd be delighted to hear from you.


Latest Diary Entry

05 Jul 2008
DASH2 problem solved!!!

I am so glad to have got to the bottom of this one, really I am! The DASH2 loom is powered from the tacho block connector. The 12v and GND pins are utilised from here as they are unused since the RPM...


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