Meet the team

Full-timers (And Joint-Owners):

Laurence Laurence's Evo IX
Name: Laurence
Age: 25
Occupation: Software Developer
Drives: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
Skills: Basic DIY mechanics on cars of mine and my friends.

Matt Matt's Clio 182 Trophy
Name: Matt
Age: 20
Occupation: Administration
Drives: Renault Clio 182 Trophy
Skills: Limited mechanical experience, but a good 2nd pair of hands...and a NUTTER behind the wheel!


Kriss Kriss' Clio V6
Name: Kriss
Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Drives: Renault Clio V6
Skills: Kriss has assembled a few push bikes in his time, but his biggest automotive job to date is replacing an ignition coil pack on his Clio V6. Other than this his hands-on car experience has been limited to soap and water, and the occasional bit of polish.

Jonny Jonny's Clio 182 Cup
Name: Jonny
Age: 25
Occupation: Computer Network Support
Drives: Renault Clio 182 Cup
Skills: Jonny's first job on a car involved trying to crank start a car with a starter motor at the tender age of just 5, and resulted in a new front end being required for the car! He has since improved, and has helped out with many DIY automotive tasks. He also lends his tools out, and prides himself on the fact that they have spent more time in other people's possession than his own.

Dan Dan's Clio 172 Cup
Name: Dan
Age: 24
Occupation: Computer System Support
Drives: Renault Clio 172 Cup
Skills: Dan's automotive skills lie mainly in spectating and moral support for the team. That said, we did catch him looking at a spanner the other day, but he decided not to pick it up, even though the reason it was out was so that we could work on his car. With skills like these, he should be a valuable part of the project.