Megabusa Build Diary Sitemap

Weighing up options and arranging a factory visit
Westfield Factory Tour
Ordering The Kit...
Order Confirmation
Build Manual Arrives
Chassis is built
Hayabusa engine options
Final Payment
Powdercoated chassis pics plus another part ordered...
Engine Purchased
Garage Clearout
Collection Day
Wheels Arrived
Stage 1: Chassis
Aluminium panels
Fuel pipes
Fuel pipes round 2
Brake Pipes
Wiring loom, clutch master cylinder and fuel pipe return
Quaiffe Rear Differential fitting
The longer propshaft
Reverse Box
Suspension front and rear
Steering rack and front prop shaft
Handbrake, transmission tunnel panels, and gear shift linkage
Fuel system
Horn and radiator
New driveshaft outer received
Driveshaft outer confusion
Driveshafts finally sorted
"One, Two...GET DOWN!"
Handbrake cable and fuel tank
Radiator and oil cooler
Seat fitting
Reverse box linkage and fuel tank plumbing
Aluminium side panels, and odds and ends
RAC rollbar, coolant hoses, and oil pipes
Radiator bracket spacing and cycle wings
Handbrake problems
Steering wheel
Lots of odds and ends
Ride height setting
Wishbone tightening
Wishbone torquing and the first drive of the car
Matt's first drive
Leaking fuel tank
New fuel tank has arrived
Clutch feel
Stage 2: Engine
Dry sump fitting
Scavenge pump pulley assembly
Scavenge pump fitting
Scavenge pump fitting - continued
Dry sump kit complete
Engine preperation before fitting
More engine preperation
Final engine preparation
Engine Instalation
Header tank, prop to engine, and FPR
Radiator pipe spacers
Exhaust mounting and throttle bodies
Air filter assembly
Trumpets search begins...
Trumpets sourced
Engine trumpet fitting and filter plate
Oil pressure sender
Engine starting
More engine testing
Scavenge pump belt problem, and engine trouble - really worried!
Engine grinding investigation
Grinding fixed
Dry sump oil tank leak
Stage 3: Bodywork
Main body panel preperation
Manifold hole cutting and rear body fixing
Scuttle, bonnet, and nose cone fixing
Nose cone positioning and body fixing
Nose cone problem solved
Cycle wing fitting part 2
Front indicators, side repeaters, and major aeroscreen adjustment
Fuel filler neck
Nosecone mesh
Stage 4: Electrical
Dashboard wiring loom has arrived
Block connectors
Loom labeling
Dash loom is wrong!
Correct loom now here
Road loom labeling complete and wired to Race Technology loom
Electrical problems
ECU plate, ECU mounting, and ECU wiring
Additional sensors for the DASH2 digital dash
ECU wiring continued
DASH2 freezing
Oil temperature wiring and cable securing
Cable tidying, reverse light, and wiring
Speedo wiring sensor
DASH2 sensor reading irregularities
DASH2 problems continue
DASH2 back at Race Technology
DASH2 problem solved!!!
Stage 5: SVA
SVA preparation begins
Final SVA preperation
SVA tomorrow morning!!!
Registering the car
Registration problems - idiots!
Getting somewhere at last
Registration complete