Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

05 Dec 2007
Engine Purchased

Over the last few weeks we have been in talks with Malcolm at a company called Yorkshire Engines and we are so so happy with the service he has provided to us. He has given us so much information as to which route to go down and eventually we have purchased an engine from him.

We were unsure as to how new we wanted the engine, obviously common sense would dictate the newer the better but there were a couple of problems with that....We were looking at the brand new 2008 Hayabusa engine, its brand new (obviously), bored out, more power and torque and other advantages too. However, when this idea was brought up with Malcolm he recommended we stick with a 2007 engine, the main reason being as the 2008 engine is new, it is untested in the bikes, let alone in the Westfields. Nobody knows enough about the engine, it might not even fit into the Westfield, so the best bet was to go for a 2007 engine which a number of other owners have gone for and had successful results.

We then thought about a brand new engine, but talking to another Megabusa owner (see their site at www.megabusa.co.uk) he recommended getting one that has some miles on it already, so that we do not have to run the engine in when the car is fully built.

With this information on board, we got back in contact with Malcolm at Yorkshire Engines and have purchased our engine. It is virtually brand new, a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa Engine with only 830 miles since new. The best of both worlds, and we have been informed it will be with us next Wednesday. Top service from Malcolm and he is highly recommended by us.

Anyway, here are the basic stats of the engine:

2007 Suzuki Hayabusa Engine, 1299cc, 178bhp, 102lb/ft, 11,000 rpm redline, 6 speed gearbox.

if you want the detailed spec, then you can look here: