Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

22 May 2008
Registration problems - idiots!

I am getting nowhere with the registration of the car. I have spoken to the DVLA over the phone so many times. Each time I speak to someone I get a different answer on what I need to do to register the car. Person 1 says I need an inspection, person 2 says I need a V55/5, person 3 says I need an import form even though it's not an import...

I finally loose my rag when I speak to person number 4.

Her: Well if you have already submitted some forms to Orpington as well as your cheques, and they have given you more forms to fill out then just fill out what you have been told to and send it in.

Me: But what if the forms I have been told to fill in are wrong?

Her: Then they will be sent back to you along with the right ones so you can send them back in again.

Me: But I want to avoid all of that, which is why I am on the phone to you now asking EXACTLY which forms I need to fill out and send to you. I have a car I have spent months building which I really want to drive now, and I'd like to do that as quickly as possible, so which forms do I need?

Her: The forms you already have.

Me: But you have told me something totally different to what I was told by the last guy.

Her: Are you going to listen to me or not?

Me: All I know is that I have called up 4 different times, and been told 4 totally different things, by 4 totally different people. That means that 3 of you are morons and one of you is correct, or all 4 of you are morons. I don't know which to go with though!

Her: <Puts phone down>

This is all so infuriating! I have a car that I just want to drive, and there are people in government jobs getting paid good money to just guess their way through the day. I'm so angry, and yet totally powerless!