Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

31 May 2008
Clutch feel

Now that the SVA and other bits are out of the way, and the car has a few drives under its belt, one thing that's pretty clear is that the clutch feel is terrible. When you are rushed to pull away, 9 times out of 10 you will stall.

The problem is not so much that the clutch pedal is very light (which is is), it's more that the pedal has literally a few mm of travel between fully disengaged, and fully engaged. Slipping it to pull away is near impossible.

I had read about a clutch pedal modification on the WSCC, so I read up on it again - here is the thread: http://boardroom.wscc.co.uk/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=12;t=38381

So basically what is needed is to move the point at which the clutch rod connects to the pedal to a point nearer the pivot. Effectively, if the pivot point and the point where the rod attaches to the pedal is 100mm apart, and you reduce this to 50mm, you will double the distance required for your foot to engage and disengage the clutch.

Sounds easy, so let's have a go...

I marked the pedal at the lowest point I could place the hole, and then removed the pedal. I then drilled hole and then popped the pedal back into place.

Well the modification has done exactly what it should, but the pedal feels much lighter too and I'm not sure if I like it. A lot of this was down to the fact I hadn't re-set the pedal stop and the rose-joints in the clutch master cylinder. It was the dead travel at the top of the pedal where you are just taking up slack that made the pedal feel bad.

Once I had re-adjusted the master cylinder settings the sloppiness had gone, and the clutch is now much easier to modulate in traffic etc. All in all a successful job.

I just need to find a way to firm up the pedal a little now, as it feels a little too light for my liking.


Pedal removed and marked for drilling a new hole for the clutch rod to attach to. The new hole should give just over double the movement to modulate the clutch. Clutch pedal fitted using the new rod attachment point. Clutch pedal fitted using the new rod attachment point.