Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

10 Jun 2008
DASH2 problems continue

I have been in contact with Lorne at Race Technology about the sensors that change in value depending on battery load. Has has suggested a few different things.

I have tried changing the potential divider resistors from 910 ohm to 150 ohm which makes the problem better, but the problem is still there.

I have measured the resistance from the sensors with the engine running and not running and it doesn't change, yet it does change on the dash.

I am measuring the 5v reference feed and it's 4.96v which is right on the money. It's the same with the engine on or off! I just can't understand it, so I called up Westfield again who have asked for the unit back and they will send it to Race Technology for testing.

I have spent so long trying to get these sensor values right. These posts give only a very small summary of the work I have done checking and testing, and I'm getting frustrated with it. I'm not giving up though!