Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

05 Dec 2007
Garage Clearout

With collection day on the 8th we thought it was about time to give the garage a quick clearout as we were not quite sure just how much room there would be around the chassis to work. We wanted to get rid of some junk, get the dust and leaves out and give the floor a quick wash. First thing was first, we got the cars out and moved everything from 'our' (formerly my dad's) side of the garage to the other.

Then we gave our side a quick dry sweep and then began to put water and washing up liquid down to just clean the floor a little.

Then we moved everything out of the otherside to outside of the garage completely and repeated the same process...

Let it dry briefly and then put what we wanted back into the garage, but moved a few bits around to leave the finished product as:

Much more space.....all ready for Saturday now!


Cleared one side of the garage to do a dry sweep to get dust and dirt out. Added a bit of water to remove some of the dirt.
Washing up liquid and more water. Began clearing the other side of the garage for a dry sweep of that whilst the other side dried. Letting it dry.
Put everything back in, masses of more space than before. Toolbox over our side now. All done, much cleaner now. Far from spotless as expected, but a vast improvement.