Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

15 Dec 2007
Brake Pipes

The AP Racing brake master cylinder was first to be fitted, on the other side of the pedals. Westfield had accidentally left out the nuts to secure this into place, so we just used some M8 locking nuts as a temporary solution. Also, the prefitted studs for the master cylinder to bolt onto do not exist as the manual states. Instead, you use M8 bolts (30mm I think). With this in place we ran the first brake line from the master cylinder, up the side of the chassis frame heading towards the front of the car, along the top of the frame and then it had to be bent downwards and back up into the bottom of the T-piece which was drilled and screwed into place. The brake pipe could comfortably be bent by hand and were then drilled and riveted into place.

Out of each side of the front T-piece, the smaller brake lines were ran along the front of the chassis frame where the T-piece was situated and bent in an S shape and left to hang by the holes next to where the front brake disks will be.

Another T-piece had to be drilled and riveted onto the same panel that the master cylinder sat on (behind the pedals). The smallest of all the brake lines was run from the master cylinder, into the side of this and then from the other side of the T-piece all the way down to the rear of the car, through the transmission tunnel (the opposite side to the fuel lines) and then to the T-piece at the rear of the car. The 2 smaller rear brake lines were then run opposite ways around the part of the chassis securing the diff and bent to where the rear brake disks will be situated. The brake pipes were drilled and riveted with the supplied P-clips throughout the car.

A word of warning: There is a small section of pipe that comes out of the secondary master cylinder port and into the T piece which you fit to the bulkhead. I would strongly suggest you fit the clutch master cylinder mechanism first, as the image in the manual tells you to run the brake pipe right into the route of the clutch master cylinder. It's much easier to fit the clutch MS FIRST, and then you can see exactly where you can run the brake pipe without fouling the mechanism.


First brake line running from brake master cylinder up the chassis rail towards the front of the car The brake line runs in front of the second rail at the front of the car and loops down, into the bottom of the drilled T-piece 2 smaller brake lines then come out of the side of the T-piece and are bent into an 'S' shape leading to where the brakes will be situated
Another view of the previous pic The smallest brake line coming from the master cylinder into the other T-piece. Then the longest brake line beginning its journey to the rear of the car through the transmission tunnel, on the opposite side to the fuel lines
Showing the brake pipe avoiding the reverse box mounts View from the rear of the car showing the brake line's path down the drivers side of the transmission tunnel, with both fuel lines on the left
The brake line gos straight into the T-piece and then the 2 smaller brake lines go opposite ways around the chassis surrounding where the differential goes and stop at the brackets by the loops