Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

20 Dec 2007
Wheels Arrived

We had lots of trouble searching for all the relevant information regarding wheel sizes....this required numerous phone calls to Westfield, and many searches on owners forums, search engines. Eventually we found all we needed and got the wheels of choice ordered and have decided to list all the details here so other owners can find the information with greater ease.

Originally I wanted 13 inch Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's in Black. I have loved these wheels ever since I first laid eyes on them and had seen them fairly commonly on kit cars and just assumed that they would come in 13 inch sizes. However, they do not, they come in 14 inch sizes minimum but Westfield assured us the car performs leaps and bounds better on 13 inch wheels.

The search continued, but eventually we laid eyes on Compomotive CXR's. They dom come in black as wanted, and they are 4.8kg per wheel. SOLD!

Tyres we only had one set in mind....Toyo R888 semi slick (but road-legal) tyres.

Westfield had told us 205 profile all-round was what they recommended but after talking to another owner he recommended 185's at the front and i quote "unless you like oversteering into lamposts"! We decided to try 185's a go.

Anyway, here is the required spec for wheels and tyres for a Megabusa:

 WHEELS: 7 x 13 inch, et24 offset, Ford 108 PCD (4 stud pattern)

TYRES: 185/60/13 at front, 205/60/13 at rear.

We are really happy with the look of the wheels, they should set the lime green bodywork a treat, and the light blue RAYS lightweight wheel nuts look great too.

Hope this info helps...