Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

24 Dec 2007
The longer propshaft

We were going to crack on with the rear wishbones today, however, 3 of the wishbone threads had been tapped by Westfield as requested by us, but one had not and we did not have a tap (1/2 inch UNF) so we were in a spot of trouble. This thread also managed to damage 2 rose joint threads too! But as we were at a stage where numerous parts could be done in any particular order we chose to crack on with the propshaft from the rear differential upto where the reverse box will sit. Once again this was a case of putting it the right way round and tightening it up. However its never quite that easy, it took most of the time to find the right bolts and then trying to torque the bolts up with the transmission tunnel in the way proved very awkward too. However it didn't take long and it was in, next was the reverse box.

Christmas Eve being Christmas Eve, we started late and had to pack up early as a night on the town was in order.

Merry Christmas and to be continued.....