Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

17 Jan 2008
Driveshafts finally sorted

The correct stubshaft is now here along with a few other bit, so tonight I have to remove the one I have fitted in the offside, and fit it into the nearside (see previous post). This means removing the driveshaft and also the rear brake assembly. In the end I didn't have to remove the driveshaft - I just disconnected the outer end from the stub shaft and then disconnected the upright to allow it to pass through.

Once this was done, I swapped the new stubshaft in and through the upright, and connected it all back up again. I then fitted the stubshaft on the other side, fitted the driveshaft and then the brakes.

The last thing to do this evening was torque all 24 of the drivehsaft bolts up using threadlock. This is quite time consuming because there is not much room to work with, and the handbrake is still slack so the wheels begin to turn before you reach your torque limit. The easiest way to combat this is to fit a rear wheel which you can hold whilst tightening which will prevent the driveshaft from turning.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures :(