Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

17 Jan 2008
Dry sump kit complete

In today's delivery from Westfield was a new scavenge pipe. Earlier in the diary I posted a picture where the two scavenge pipes were touching. I sent this same picture to Westfield and they agreed that it was not right, so they sent me a new one to try.

Immediately the new pipe looks better, but the entire right-hand pipe has to come off to gain access to fit the new one, so lots of fiddling and it looks a lot better. The flexible pipes are very solid and are a bit of a challenge to get into place, but eventually they went on and the new pipe did the job perfectly.

With these fitted, the only thing left to do is connect the pump pulley to the engine using the supplied belt. It's very tight, and the engine needs to be gently turned which eases the belt into place. It looks very near the front of the scavenge pump pulley, but it's very tight and it won't go on any further. Hopefully it will be ok.

I used the allen head bolt that was fitted onto the starter clutch earlier in the dry sump fitting process to turn the engine which in turn spun the pulley. This bolt will need to be torqued and threadlocked which I'll do once I have changed the output sprocket for a driveshaft flange to give me something to lever off, otherwise the engine will just spin like it's doing now to fit the belt.