Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

19 Jan 2008
"One, Two...GET DOWN!"

This is the day that Matt had been waiting for, and it had finally come. Everything that requires the car to be waist-height had now been ticked off the list and the car could now be dropped to axle stands so the engine could be dropped in.

We had set aside Saturday the 19th Jan for several people to come round and help. There were several methods we talked about to get the car down from such a height to the floor, but eventually we decided that the bast way was just to get a team of people to help lift it down manually.

However, between the last session and today, I realised I had used Loctite threadseal and not threadlock on the driveshaft bolts. I assumed that the yellow Loctite tube supplied with the dry sump kit was threadlock, but luckily I checked and it's threadseal instead! What this does mean is that each bolt needs to be removed, cleaned, threadlocked, and refitted. The bolts really weren't locked at all though. To speed up the process I removed one, gave it to Kriss to clean the threadseal off, and fitted the previous one whilst I was waiting each time. I used Loctite 243 which is oil tolerant, and ideal for this application as the bolt passes through grease before locking in the thread.

Whilst I finished this, Matt fitted the aluminium panels that cover the reverse box.

Now on to the main event. The team was formed - Laurence, Matt, Kriss, Marky, Terry, and Lauren. We had 2 options, the first being to lift the car down from the stands straight onto axle stands, and the second being to fit the wheels, lift the car down to the floor, and then jack it up onto axle stands. We decided the second option was the best, and besides, Matt couldn't wait to get the wheels fitted anyway.

With this done, we positioned myself and Matt side by side at the rear of the car, Marky and Terry either side, and Kriss at the front. On three we lift the chassis, and between 5 of us it was very easy indeed. Lauren pulled each of the chassis stands clear, and we gently lifted the car down to the floor.

Matt's face had lit up - he had lost a lot of enthusiasm for the project with parts not turning up, and the arrival of his (Playstation 3), but now he could see it was really looking like a car, he was back in love with the idea of it all again.

We got out 4 axle stands, set them to their highest setting, cut some timber to the width of the chassis, and then just picked up the front of the car and set it down on the axle stands, using the timber to spread the load across the chassis. We then did the same for the rear end.

Seeing the car on the floor made the whole project seem real all of a sudden. The car is so low, and the funniest thing is how high it made the Noble M12 next to it look. It's not often you'll hear that said!

...and still to this day, Matt cannot take a photo that is in focus, so I'm very sorry, but you'll have to make do with what's here!


The car off the stands and on the floor Reverse view. The R888 tyres look awesome! The Noble towers over it!
Now up on stands front and rear using timber along the chassis rail to help spread the load.