Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

20 Jan 2008
More engine preperation

Carrying on from yesterday, the engine frame fits to the brackets we fitted previously, but we had forgotten to fit wiring loom saddles to the frame, so we skipped back to the wiring loom section and Matt quickly drilled and riveted them into place.

The frame fixes to the engine using the stud, washers, and bolts. With this in place the frame can then be attached to the brackets. Matt and I found this an extremely tight fit and had to use a lot of force and gradual tightening to make it work. With everything tightened, the engine was now fully ready for dropping into the chassis.

We later found out this tight fit was due to the cross-frame needing to sit the other side of the brackets. The sequence is bolt, washer, engine bracket, engine frame, washer, nut. We had the bracket and frame the wrong way round. Shame we didn't realise this until we had already lifted the engine in (see later post).


The engine frame. Matt had just drilled this and riveted loom saddles into place. The engine frame foxed to the engine. Note that this is slightly wrong (see text).