Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

20 Jan 2008
Handbrake cable and fuel tank

We fitted the handbrake with relative ease, but we could not work out how to fit the cable. Mark at the factory sent me several pictures, and I eventually concluded that the securing bracket must have been left off the chassis by mistake. I sent Mark an image, and he confirmed that this was indeed the case.

Mark got the fabrication guys to create a bracket, and in order to fit it, we had to drill through the chassis on both sides, and secure it underneath (normally this would be welded into the chassis from the beginning). In addition to this, I opened up the holes slightly to we could use countersunk screws instead of bolts. We made quite a nice job of this. It's just a shame the bracket wasn't powder coated, but it wouldn't be hard to swap a new one in at a later date, or even remove it and powder coat it ourselves.

Now this was in, we could fit the handbrake cable through it, and onto the rear brakes. You follow the route that the manual shows you, cable tie in a couple of locations, fix to the calipers, and then fix the bracket to the handbrake using a clevis pin and a split pin to secure. We give it a quick go and it works, although it will need adjusting before driving.

There is a grommet situated on each side of the handbrake cable near the caliper. Snip this off as it's not required for the Westfield. Also, you will see some blue sleeves on the cable - these should be used underneath the cable ties.

Now that the rear end is completed, we could drop the tank into place. We had done all of the preparation on the tank already (see earlier post), so all that remained was to put the tank in and strap it down. Ours is the long range version. The tank doesn't feel that secure, and moves around a lot, both forward, back, left and right. I wonder if this could be tighter?


Handbrake bracket retro-fitted into place and secured with countersunk screws. Handbrake cable run back through the chassis. Remember to cut off the grommets and place the blue sleeves under the cable ties. Handbrake cable bracket connected to lever.
Fuel tank dropped in and secured.