Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

27 Jan 2008
Reverse box linkage and fuel tank plumbing

The reverse box had been installed for some time, but the linkage to set the reverse box into forward or reverse had not been installed, so this was the first thing I wanted to tackle tonight.

The bracket must not stick up above the rail, but this was difficult since the bracket is taller than the rail and the mounting holes are too near the bottom of the rail to drill into when the bracket is pushed level with the rail, so i decided to enlarge the bracket holes slightly so that it would sit lower. This gave an extra mm clearance and the bracket will now sit nicely.

I drilled through both sides of the chassis rail at the lowest point possible. This was easy for the hole on the right, but the left hole had to be drilled at a big angle so it was quite difficult. I removed the bracket, fitted the lever and mounting bush, and bolted it into place. Remember to put the bracket mounting bolts in first!

The bracket bolts nicely into the chassis rail, so now it just needs connecting up. I fitted the rose joints into the rod and then bolted them into place. It was just a case of trial and error with the length, and more importantly the clearance of the prop when in reverse. It's fine when in forward gear, but quite close to the prop in reverse. Hopefully it should be ok though.

Now I moved on to the fuel tank plumbing. There are a couple of inserts for the fuel tank which need bolting in for the fuel hose to attach to, then just a case of following the lines that the manual suggests and securing. I used quite a bit of protective tubing in case there is any movement.

Whilst I did this, Matt tackled one of the outer aluminium panels which seal the outside of the car. The only problem was that my air compressor had broken. Matt said he was quite happy to do it by hand though. He got 3/4 of the way through them, and then caught his thumb between the handles which put him out of action for the rest of the evening. It would hurt under any circumstances, but with the cold as well, it hurt him twice as much. I finished the last few off before the silicon dried though even though I didn't want to.

After just a few my hands really hurt. I'll buy another compressor tomorrow and do the other side with the air riveter. I'm not going to damage my hands anymore!


Reverse box bracket and lever fitted. Linkage connection. connection made. Clearance is tight when in reverse.
Fuel tank nipple. Fuel tank nipple.