Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

28 Jan 2008
Aluminium side panels, and odds and ends

I got my new compressor today, so we could fit the remaining side panel into place this evening with the aid of an air riveter. 15 minutes later the job was done! The air riveter just makes such light work of it all. Apart from fitting the 2nd side panel into place I had set tonight aside for a few odds and ends that needed attention. The one that was annoying me the most was the stud that goes through the lower frame of the engine. These studs have a habit of threading on one bolt, but not the other because they spin the entire stud through the opposite nut to the one you want to tighten., so you end up with a load of thread sticking through one bolt, and none through the other meaning the nyloc cannot do its job.

There are a few ways around this, but there is such little room on this stud that the only way I could get the stud evenly spaced was to remove the stud, place a nut on one end, and fit a nut that was too small for the thread on the other. Now when you tighten both bolts towards each other, the smaller bolt locks against the thread, and allows you to tighten the other through the nylon - WINNER!

The other odd job that was annoying me the 2nd most was on the differential. There is a 16mm spacer which spaces the diff on the upper stud, but we originally couldn't find this so we used M12 washers and later needed those washers. The spacer was in a clear plastic bag with all of the pedal bushes, gear shift rose joints, and other bits. It was annoying me, so I changed it.

Both diff studs needed slackening, and the top one removing (which meant the brake pipe T-piece had to be removed). I then had to loosen the driveshaft nuts, and the bracket that secures the diff at the rear. The diff needed levering over with a pry-bar to make room, and after about an hour of struggling, hammering, levering, and swearing, my Dad and I finally got it into place and tightened everything up.

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was fit the remaining 2 fuel hoses - one from tank to fuel pump, and the other from return line to tank. I cut the pipes to length, cable tied them up with the wiring loom, and then placed the protective tubing over the top. The garage is a total mess with tools and bits everywhere, so before I finish I had a good old tidy-up ready for next time. We are very close to starting the bodywork now.

(Again, I forgot to take pictures!)