Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

09 Feb 2008
Radiator pipe spacers

Just a small update on the engine side of things as we've had a busy day on the bodywork. The metal radiator pipes need securing using P-clips, but they sit too low if you fix them to the body, so you need to make up some spacers.

B&Q sell 6mm (M6) aluminium tubing for next to nothing, so I just cut some of this to length, drilled through the chassis rail, and bolted it down. It makes the pipe sit perfectly, and this is what the factory tend to do with their cars too.

I need to make an even longer spacer for the lower pipe, but I don't have a bolt long enough so I'll leave that for another day.


A P-clip, a long M6 bolt to go through both sides of the chassis rail, 2 washers, the spacer I made, and a bolt - job done!