Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

11 Feb 2008
Dashboard wiring loom has arrived

Apart from wiring the fuel pump into the loom, and running the main Westfield wiring loom in the chassis right at the beginning, I have not even thought about the electrical side of things. It's cold outside and I don't really fancy going out into the garage, so I decided to have a look at the dashboard loom and get my head around it indoors.

In the bag is a block connector kit, a few rocker switches, some toggle switches, and some warning lights. The warning lights will not be used though since we are using a digital dash which has inbuilt warning lights.

The digital dash unit comes with an adaption harness which must be connected to the standard dashboard loom. It all seems to make sense, but I can't understand how the rocker switches connect to the loom. I can't see anywhere for them to fit. I'll just put it all back in the bag and ring Westfield.


The dashboard loom - each dashboard component will connect to this, which in turn connects to the main loom. Close-up 1. Close-up 2.