Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

16 Feb 2008

Once again, we find ourselves faced with a task that has no instructions. We'll have to see how we get on. Kriss and Jonny are round to help Matt and I.

Looking at the aeroscreen, there are 5 studs which secure into the scuttle, but where? We think we have worked it out, so we mark our points and off we go. The first fit is well off - the holes will all need slotting. The marking is correct, but the side studs can't fit in until the top studs are in, but they can't fit in because the side studs are in the way - you'll see what I mean when you have to fit one!

So we slot the holes a bit, and although the screen fits, it still doesn't look right, and there is little support against wind. I'll have to ring Westfield when they are open.

I did however manage to fit the battery tray. The tray goes right at the front of the car, and fits in with the narrowest of margins between the oil tank, the steering rack, and the crossbar.

I drilled the strap holes down through the chassis, bolted it down temporarily, checked the battery could be removed, and then when I was happy I measured my points and drilled up through the floor pan.

Each of my holes were perfect, so I riveted the tray down and called it a day.


The marking process begins. Holes drilled. Tape removed - does it fit? No!
We give up until we can speak to Westfield. Battery tray fixed down into the floor.