Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

18 Feb 2008
Handbrake problems

I tried the handbrake the other day and it wasn't working. It would bite, but not nearly enough to stop the car from rolling down a hill for example. I had a look to see what was wrong, and the springs on the handbrake were not being moved hardly at all when the handbrake was applied.

I went back to check the manual, and I quickly spied a problem. The ends of the handbrake cable go over the hook on each calliper as already fitted, but then the cable must travel down through the round bracket beneath the lever, so that when the cable is pulled, the force has a completely vertical motion which will be translated into pulling the hook down and compressing the spring.

Easier said than done though as the cable is very tight. I slackened it right off at the top, which then made the job much easier. I removed each cable from the hook, poked it up through the bracket, and then put it back over the hook again.

Immediately I can see how much better it will work, and when I try the handbrake you can see the springs being compressed which didn't happen before. So I adjust the slack out of the cable and call it a night there. I don't want to start anything new tonight.


Handbrake cable fitted correctly now. Before, I had completely missed the lower bracket. Silly mistake, but better to find out in a garage than on a steep hill! Handbrake slack adjusted.