Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

25 Feb 2008
Air filter assembly

We're STILL waiting for our fuel rail and ECU loom from Westfield, so I decided that I'd get everything assembled anyway, then it would just be a case of removing the air filter plate to fit the fuel rail, and then put it back on again.

I looked at the plate and couldn't work it out, so I checked another build diary and it seems that there are rubber trumpets. I looked at the standard Hayabusa airbox and I could see the trumpets in there, so is took it apart and found a sensor too. This is obviously the inlet air temperature sensor and it will be needed to satisfy the ECU, so I remove that too.

I am left with 4 trumpets, the clamps, and the sensor. The trumpets fit over the throttle bodies and clamp into place, but the middle trumpets are twice the size and do not fit under the Westfield foam filter.

I can't think that you just cut them down as NA engines are very fussy about equal flow, so I decided to leave it and see if Westfield can supply some short trumpets.


The trumpets, clamps, and the air temperature sensor removed from the standard Hayabusa airbox. Problem! The middle trumpets do not fit under the Westfield filter!