Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

28 Feb 2008
Engine trumpet fitting and filter plate

The new trumpets from Malc @ Yorkshire are here to replace the larger inner trumpets. I removed the old ones and dropped the new ones into place. They are perfect.

The filter plate is designed to fit over them exactly how the standard airbox does, but first a couple of holes must be made in the plate. One is for the air temperature sensor, and the other is an air feed to the PAIR valve (under the exhaust manifold).

The holes are very easy to cut and are finished in no time. I put the 3 securing clips onto the edges, but there is no point fitting the plate yet as it blocks the fuel rail which we are STILL waiting on from Westfield.

Off to the gym now...


The old trumpets - way too high for the filter to use. The new trumpets in place. The air filter plate with holes cut and clips fitted.