Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

01 Mar 2008
Road loom labeling complete and wired to Race Technology loom

I spent a few hours finishing the loom labelling this morning. Once I had done this I adapted it to the Race Technology Dash2 loom. One of the wires pulled out of the loom so I had to make a slight modification, but it didn't cause any major set-backs.

The tachometer comes in the form of a block terminal, but the Dash2 loom uses spade connectors, so I made up a new block terminal to fit the existing tacho block, and then I ran cables out of it with spade terminals on each. These fit to the Dash2 loom, and I didn't have to cut any wires - neat!

The dash wiring was really easy to complete when I got out to the car with it. It just connects to the main loom using a couple of large block connectors. We put the dashboard in place by hanging it over the steering wheel, and then just connected each of the switches to the dash loom. The labelling made things very easy, and I would recommend doing it. It should also save a lot of hassle if I ever need to do anything under there again.

It's jumping a bit ahead, I couldn't resist testing the electronics out, so we connected just the loom to the battery and flipped a few switches. The horn was the first thing I tested and it was on slightly wrong, so I altered how the earth connected and it worked. It's the biggest "Noddy horn" you've ever heard, but I was so excited about it. It's the first breath of life from the car really.

The headlights work, and so do the hazards and indicators. I can get sidelights, and I can get main beam, but not dipped beam. Also the rear fog light wasn't working either.

We've come this far, so we might as well go one step further and plug in the Dash2 unit. It looks AWESOME!

Have to pack up early afternoon though as we're all down in Guildford tonight for a night out.


Dash loom labelled up. Dash2 loom connected Tacho plug does not fit to the Dash2 loom.
Block terminal made up to made tacho connection fit.