Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

20 Nov 2007
Hayabusa engine options

We have decided to get our engine from Yorkshire Engines. Malcolm (the owner) seems very popular on the kit car forums, and clearly has a good reputation.

He is quoting a really good price for a brand new 2007 Hayabusa engine with zero miles covered. This engine is complete with gearbox, wiring loom, and ECU. He shifts these engines all the time, and says he can get hold of one in 2 weeks maximum for £3,400.

There are much cheaper engines out there with around 4,000 miles on them out of ex-race cars and other Westfields etc. but I think it's far better to pay more money and get a brand new engine, and give a guy with a great reputation the benefit of the sale. Better still, if the engine goes bang after 10 miles, a company is always better to deal with than an individual.

Also, who will we be phoning when we're stuck with wiring for example? Malcolm will have no problem spending 2 minutes on the phone if he has been given the benefit of the sale. This kind of thing is always worth paying extra for.

So now the dilemma 2007 spec or 2008 spec?

The Suzuki Hayabusa has just been revised for 2008 and the new Hayabusa engine is now increased from 1,299cc to 1,340cc, and is also up from 178bhp to 198bhp. 20bhp is a massive gain in such a light car. However, the following problems are present:

  • Wiring - the 2008 spec has a much more complicated wiring loom and all will need fitting/adapting to the car.
  • Compatibility - No one at Westfield has fitted a 2008 spec engine yet, so we don't even know if it will fit the Megabusa chassis!
  • Reliability - The 2008 spec engine is 2 weeks old and is so far unproven in a bike engined car. Malcolm has sold 2, but they are not running yet in cars yet.

So do we play it safe and stick to a 2007 spec engine, or go for the 2008 spec and gain another 20bhp? We have to add the Westfield dry sump kit on top which is another £1,300 and Malcolm is not sure if it will fit the 2008 spec engine, but he is using a 2008 spec engine himself in the next 2 weeks so will have a lot more information to give us on the chassis/sump compatibility and the complexity of the wiring.

We'll reach a decision in the next 2-3 weeks, but I would like the extra 20bhp if I'm honest.