Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

01 Mar 2008
Nosecone mesh

Kriss popped over this morning and had picked up some fibreglass resin from Halfords on his way to fix the mesh into the nosecone.

The kit is actually very easy to use - you just mix the resin with a bit of hardener and then smear it on. Kriss thought it best to fill the gap underneath the mesh first so the mesh had something to sit on, but in actual fact this is not needed at all.

The stuff is so viscous that you could just smear it over the top and it would hold just fine. It has added a couple of KG to the weight of the nosecone though, so I would do it much thinner next time. However, the mesh is rock-solid, and it's another job off the list.


The mesh held into place by a new advanced type of clamp in the market :) Preparation in progress. Kriss roughing up the surface to ensure a good bond.
Mixing up in progress. Way too much fibreglass used, but it's not going anywhere!!!