Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

11 Mar 2008
Oil pressure sender

Although not really required, it's very sensible to fit an oil pressure sender to the engine so we can keep an eye on things. It makes even more sense since all of the wiring is already in place on the loom, and the DASH2 can have 4 inputs, so we might as well make use of them.

The idea is that we'll set an alarm if the pressure drops too low, and the DASH2 unit will tell us about it, so we won't even have to monitor it constantly ourselves.

I have heard that when warm, oil pressure drops as low as 1.0bar on the Hayabusa engine, so the alarm will have to be set pretty low to avoid it becoming a nuisance. Thinking about it, with 9,000rpm and a warning as low as 0.8bar, by the time we've responded to the warning it will probably be too late. Even so, might as well fit it.

The oil pressure sender that we purchased from Westfield fits in the same location that you connect an oil pressure gauge to when testing pressure during service. It's just in front of the oil pressure switch.

I removed the blanking plug, and then realised that the sensor thread was miles too small. Some kind of adaption is needed - it looks like an M16 thread. I'll call Westfield.


Oil pressure sender goes here, but the thread is too small - adaption needed!