Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

13 Mar 2008
More engine testing

I'm still really happy about the engine being run yesterday - it felt like such an achievement, and in the back of my mind I was prepared for a total failure due to something not being connected the right way etc.

Tonight Matt and I decided to run the car again, and let it get right up to temperature and see what happens. We kept an eye out for leaks and other problems.

Matt started the car up and the car literally boomed into life and settled down to a stable idle very quickly. We gave it a few blips of the throttle because you just can't resist it. For some reason the DASH2 unit freezes after a few seconds though, so we couldn't keep an eye on the water temperature in realtime.

We left the car running for a few minutes and it was getting warm. We had to cut the engine and restart each time we wanted to get a temperature reading because of the DASH freezing problem. The temperature was climbing, but at 90c the cooling fan didn't come on, so we turned the engine off and checked the connection to the fan. Perhaps the DASH2 is not scaled quite right though, and it's slightly over-reading the water temperature.

The fan connection looks fine, but we've found 3 leaks. 2 are coming from the radiator, and the other is the oil leak from the bottom of the oil tank that Jonny and I had to look at yesterday.

Both radiator leaks are simple - the first was the tiny hose that comes from the T-piece and I had left the jubilee clip loose. The other was coming from the coolant switch which the cooling fan connects to. I thought I had done it tight enough as I never like over-tightening things, but it just needed nipping up a little more to seal properly.

The bad news is that the oil will all need draining AGAIN so the oil tank can come out. Although the leak is nowhere near as bad, it's still there. I got Matt to help me, and we were quickly able to remove the tank. I took off the boss at the bottom where the leak was coming from and it's exactly as per the instructions - filter mesh, o-ring, boss. The only thing I can think is that a thicker O-ring is required, so I replaced it and tightened it again.

Once we put the tank back in and filled it with oil, we ran the engine up again. The leaks from the radiator were gone, and there seems to be no oil leak either, but I'll check it again tomorrow once it's had the chance to leak again.