Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

27 Nov 2007
Final Payment

Westfield called us yesterday just to confirm that the final payment was needed for the expected finish date of Wednesday 5th December 2007. They mentioned that they may be able to push the kit forward to Saturday 1st December, but that would have been a bit too much for them so they comfirmed the 5th once again. The 1st would have been great but we were not too disheartened seeing as we were originally prepared to pick it up Saturday 8th since putting the order in anyway. We can go Wednesday 5th but due to work commitments we decided to leave it until the Saturday. 

Anyway, the final payment was made over the phone today and we also ordered the Westfield Sump Kit too. The excitement is really starting to kick in for both of us now, time has gone so fast in the previous weeks that we have not had time to look forward to it, but we really are so close to picking the car up now that it is hard to think of much else to be honest, especially with the 'Racing Car is Born' Westfield build on Discovery Turbo.

Not long now....