Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

16 Mar 2008
Engine grinding investigation

I picked up Ronnie about mid-day and showed him the car. Within seconds he had spotted the problem - you could turn the wheels of the car even when the engine is in gear! The clutch push-rod was too far in and it has the same effect of permanently having the clutch down. The net result is no drive to the wheels. To prove it, he took off the clutch slave cylinder which left the rod under no pressure, and immediately the wheels could not be turned when the car was in gear. The noise we could hear was the clutch being pushed too far in, as the pedal was just pushing a rod that was already pushed if that makes sense. I'll need to talk to Westfield about this. Perhaps the bracked needs spacing, or the rod needs shortening.

Good old Ronnie!

Matt and I then went off to a friend's house for roast dinner (cheers Tony), and then I started on the car again about 8pm. The oil tank outlet that feeds the engine was still drippin g, so Matt and I removed it again, drained the oil, and then removed the connection completely. I found a thicker O-ring, so we used this instead, tightened it, and then put the tank back in. Upon re-filling it there were no signs of leaking, but I'll check it again tomorrow.

The bad news is that the fuel tank leak that Dan spotted yesterday was still leaking. I can't tighten it any more, and the tank was full of fuel. Matt and I had no choice but to drain it all out. It took a while as we had to find a suitable container. Once we drained it we realised that the only way to tighten the connection is to remove the entire tank and look at it. Perhaps Westfield have forgotten to fit an O-ring on it? I don't know. What I do know is that it's a major set-back. Anyhow, the tank is out now and I stink of fuel. I'll speak to the factory tomorrow and see what they think. I also need their thoughs on the clutch push-rod problem.