Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

17 Mar 2008
Grinding fixed

I spoke to Mark at the factory about the two major issues - number 1 being the clutch push-rod problem, and number two being the leak from the fuel tank which was now removed.

Mark said that he had not heard of a problem with the clutch pushrods before, but maybe spacing it would help. As for the fuel tank leak, he said to remove the boss and check that there was an O-ring in there after the filter mesh. I removed it, and sure enough, it was missing.

I had a spare one laying around so I decided to use it - I just hope it's thick enough. We re-fitted the tank and then filled it back up. So far so good with the leak - nothing at all.

I found the oil pressure sender adapter, so I fitted the sender to the adapter, and then the adapter to the engine, then connected it up to the loom.

I had already drilled the required holes in the air filter plate, but I had not fitted it because we needed access to the fuel rail. That's all fitted now though, so the filter plate could be secured down and the inlet air temperature sender was fixed into place and connected up to the loom.

The clutch problem actually turned out to be very simple. The clutch pedal should have had a stopper behind it to prevent it from pushing in too far. The grinding was just the clutch basket coming into contact with the crank case. Once this had happened, the clutch rod wouldn't return fully, so the clutch would stay disengaged, and that's why no drive was being transmitted to the wheels. All that was required was to fit a pedal stop behind the clutch pedal.

I got Matt to turn the rear wheels whilst I pushed the clutch half way down. The prop and gearbox would spin. Then if you pressed the clutch a little further you could hear (and feel) a mild clonking - this is the clutch in too far. What we did was came back an inch from this point and set it as our pedal stop position. That was, no matter how hard you mash the pedal, it can't happen again.

Mark from the factory confirmed that this noise will not have done any damage, and now the problem all seems fine, so I'm very relieved.

We were missing a grommet for the power cables and ECU loom to run through (by the fuse box), but Westfield have sent this now, so I put that into place. I also secured the ECU loom to Westfield loom connectors with loads of electrical tape so they can't come loose. We're right back on track with the car now after a a lot of worry over the weekend.


Fuel leak was coming from the gap between the tank and the silver boss (just below the bronze outlet). Air filter plate connected to trumpets. Filter plate fitted to engine.