Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

19 Mar 2008
Oil temperature wiring and cable securing

I had already begun to create my potential divider circuit for the oil temperature sender, but I hadn't connected it up.

I spliced into the gray 5v reference wire on the DASH2 harness, then connected a cable with the resistor (made earlier) to the 5v cable. From this point I then ran a cable to the oil temperature sender, and the other to the aux channel I was using for oil temperature. So the aux cable joins between the two resistors (one being the oil temp sender).

Once done and working, I wrapped the whole lot with lots of heat shrink and electrical tape.

Now with all wiring complete I could begin to tidy the engine bay by securing the cables to the engine bay. I started from the very front of the car, and worked my way back. I have a bag of 100 cable ties, and I think I'll be using plenty of them.

It looks like this will be a pain, but starting from one end makes it much easier. I didn't do any of them tight so I could always pull cables through more if I needed to. To get things tidy is quite time-consuming, but I really don't mind because I want it to look tidy under there.

I did half of the engine bay, but I'm stopping here for tonight.