Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

24 Mar 2008
Lots of odds and ends

We have loads of loose ends to tie up today. They are mostly little jobs, but they will all save time later down the line. The idea today is to get the majority finished, and then see if the car moves on the ground.

I left the cable tidying half completed, so I carried on with that so that it's all well clear of the prop shaft, and other moving parts. I also did what I could with the dash loom too. It's such a big clump of wiring it's hard to do much with it though, so perhaps this will need to be improved later down the line.

Whilst I did this, Matt and Jonny drilled some holes through the dash board and into the scuttle, and then bolted it into place. Jonny also discovered that I had fitted the dash switches wrongly, and so re-fitted and tightened them so they would stay put.

They then went on to fit the top panels for the transmission tunnel. We found that the reverse box and gear shift holes needed cutting slightly larger as the levers came into contact with the panel, so a bit of work with the Dremmel quickly solved that. They then used self threading screws to fix the front and rear panels down and into place.

Westfield have finally sent the lower nose cone bracket too. I was really surprised that only 2 bolts were used to secure the nose cone, but the bracket forms the third bolt, and holds it into place perfectly. There are two Rivnuts at the very front of the chassis to secure the bracket, and then you just drill and bolt the nose cone into place. We lined up the nose cone to the bonnet, and then when we were happy, I drilled.

With these bits complete, we fitted the body panels, and lowered the car to the floor. Wow it's low - this ride height is going to have to be altered quite a lot. We pushed the car out of the garage, started it up, and then saw if it would drive. I popped it into first, gave it a few revs and then...STALL! This clutch is awful - it has about 3mm if travel between fully engaged, and fully disengaged!

On the second try I used no revs and I was able to creep it into the garage. Although I had only driven 2 metres, I was absolutely delighted with the effort. The guys shared my happiness as they watched. This is a very good place to finish for the day.


Transmission tunnel top panels fitted Jonny altering the switch fittings Dash wiring secure(ish)!
Dashboard drilled and screwed to scuttle Dashboard drilled and screwed to scuttle Securing of engine wiring completed
All body panels being refitted All body panels being refitted Bottom nosecone bracket fitted (terrible picture - sorry)
Body panels fitted Lowering the car to the ground Car on the floor - rear view
Car on the floor - front view The picture really doesn't show just how low the car is! Car just been driven 2 metres - yay!