Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

21 Mar 2008
Cable tidying, reverse light, and wiring

First job today was fitting the reverse light. It's just a case of positioning the light, drilling 2 holes to poke the studs through, and then soldering the wires into place within the light.

Once this was done, I did some more of the cable securing in the engine bay to keep things nice and tidy.

I had read on a few other build diaries that the water temperature sensor needs earthing or it will not work, so I spaced the sensor up with a couple of washers, and fitted a ring terminal beneath it which connects down to an earth point (starter motor earth).

I finished up by fitting the air filter into place with the help of Matt as it's quite difficult to do with only one pair of hands.


Reverse light drilled and secured - cover removed to show soldering. Air filter plate fitted, and engine bay looking tidy. More cable tidying.
Coolant temperature sensor earthing. More cable tidying. Air filter fitted.
Air filter fitted.