Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

28 Mar 2008
Ride height setting

The car is so low to the floor that even the ultra low jack I have will not get under the front, so I had to jack the wishbones up and drop the car onto bricks, then get the jack under the front. After a lot of measuring and re-measuring, I set the front ride height to 110mm, and the rear to 130mm. The jack now fits under the front ok too :)

I am not to worried about it for now, as it will all be re-done when we have a proper cornerweighting session on the car. The car looks a lot more drive-able at it's current ride height than it did before.


Rear suspension settings Tyres set to 18psi all round Jacking up the wishbones as the front is too low
This shows just how low the front is - my fist is not even close to fitting under the car! Car now on bricks Ride height altered a little