Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

29 Mar 2008
Wishbone tightening

Now that the ride height was set, I decided that the wishbones could be tightened. Before this, I checked that both rear wheels were running about the right amount of camber and toe-in. I just made sure that the exposed threads on the rose-joints were the same on both sides.

It doesn't mean they will be ideal values, but it does mean they will be the same each side, so the car should be stable. There is no point wasting time on getting it right when the ride height is going to change, which means the other settings will too, and the geometry will have to be re-done anyway.

With this done, I torqued up the suspension and wishbone bolts at the rear, and then moved to the front.

The front camber and toe can be adjusted with the wishbones fully light, so I went ahead and torqued the front bolts too. Some of the bolts are difficult to get to, so I jacked the car up and they were easier to get to.

Once I had dropped the car back to the ground, the suspension was rock-solid. This is not right - I'll speak to Westfield on Monday...