Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

10 Apr 2008
Leaking fuel tank

We haven't really done a great deal on the Busa for a few days, but I have been playing around with a fuel leak. Each time we walk into the garage there is a strong smell of fuel, and I spied where it was coming from earlier in the week.

I thought it was the hose that goes from the fuel tank outlet to the fuel pump, but instead it turned out to be the boss that threads into the tank. I had drained the tank and checked it out earlier in the week, and there was no O-ring fitted when it was assembled at the factory. I fitted on myself, but it's still leaking so Westfield asked for the tank back for examination.

It's not to difficult, but you do get very smelly when draining the tank as fuel gets everywhere. Once drained I removed the tank and looked at the boss and it will not go any tighter, so Westfield can have a look at it.


Tank draining in progress Fuel tank removed The leak is actually coming from the boss that the brass nipple is threaded into.