Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

18 Apr 2008
New fuel tank has arrived

The new fuel tank arrived from Westfield today. The old one was leaking around the boss insert at the bottom of the tank in the swirl-pot-like section. I had already checked it to see if it was assembled correctly and the O ring was missing.

Even after adding one, it still leaked and when I tightened it it would no longer un-tighten. It was something that should have left the factory correctly so they agreed to send a new tank

After speaking with Gavin, apparently this boss should leave the factory with the thread covered in copper grease so the aluminium does not bind, and my next door neighbour had said that the reason that the boss would not come out was for the same reason a few days previous. Anyway, it's not a concern now since the new tank is here and there looks like there is plenty of copper grease on the thread.

I didn't trust the readings I was getting before from the tank level sender, so I decided to remove the fuel tank sender and check first of all, the resistance at full and empty by manually moving the arm, and secondly, the arm range of movement to ensure accuracy.

The VDO sender gives 3 ohms when empty, and 180 ohms when full. This gives me everything I need to scale the Dash2. I made a slight alteration to the arm length, and then re-assembled the tank.

I'm a bit of a pro at getting the tank in and out of the car now having done it on more than one occasion, so it didn't take me very long to put it back in the car and have it ready.


Fuel sender removed from tank Testing resistance at empty and full for DASH2 scale