Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

18 May 2008
SVA tomorrow morning!!!

Matt and I spent this evening making sure the car was all good to go. We trimmed a few extra bits, applied a few more bolt covers, went over a few bolts, aligned the headlights using Matt's car as a template, marking the wall with chalk, and then adjusting the Busa to suit.

All things that you think were done, but you go over again and again. We finished at 12:49am and the test is first thing in the morning (about 8 hours from now).

I'm feeling really nervous about it. Not just the SVA, but also the fact that we have to drive a totally unproven car in busy rush-hour traffic down the Purley Way. It could overheat, and could break down, it could fall apart...

Then there is the fact that most cars fail their SVA first time. I'm pretty much prepared for a fail as there is so much to get right. Emissions, safety, paperwork, headlight alignment, speedo calibration.

To make things even worse, I forgot to call Adrian Flux to tell them that we need the insurance to start tomorrow. The only thing I can do is email them with the quote reference and say that we want the insurance to start from now and then hope this is good enough in the unlikely event that were were to have an accident or get stopped at 8am on the way to the SVA. It's just one more thing to worry about!!!

We decided that Matt would drive, and I would take his car full of tools, bolts, foam tape, super glue, rubber trim, and bolt covers.

I am expecting a fail, and we'll come home with a list of things that need addressing. We'll book a re-test immediately, and then address those issues. I don't think you have to wait long for a re-test since they only check the things you fail on so I'm told.

Did I mention I was nervous?