Westfield Megabusa Build Diary

20 May 2008
Registering the car

Straight after the SVA yesterday, Matt went down to the DVLA office to get the forms required to register the car. We have 2 offices near us - a major one in Wimbledon where parking is near-impossible, and a smaller one in Orpington.

Matt drove there (not in the Busa though), explained the situation, and came home with a handful of forms.

I have looked at the forms and they don't look right at all to me. I'll call up the DVLA tomorrow and then explain what needs to happen again. The DVLA have all of the forms on their website to print, so we shouldn't be held up too much. It's just a case of making sense out of them, and hoping I speak to someone who knows what they are doing!

This is all time I'd really like to spend out in the car. It's such great weather and we really want to explore the car. Hopefully it will all happen soon.